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We build mobile-friendly, optimized websites using WordPress.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to create a better version of your existing website, we are here to help.

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Lauren Taylor Baker

Intelligent, friendly, gifted and bright, Ms. Baker is a multitude. A digital native, Lauren has been poking around on computers since 1989.

With over 12 years of professional experience, Lauren is a proven expert in marketing, branding, sales, design, e-commerce, customer growth, social media and more.


“I believe I have the most beautiful and easy-to-read website in my field. One of my first patients to find me via the site said, ‘You have a really great website; it looks very expensive.’ I smiled and said, ‘It is a dream come true.’  After setting up my clinic, I knew I needed to get a professional and magnetic website going, but I dreaded beginning the hunt for help. Lauren found me and offered me help, and I was immediately relieved with how she works.  Her professionalism and quick turn-around, combined with sensitivity to my limits and desires made her comfortable to discuss everything with.  She’s a master at design and marketing; and you will love working with her.” – Nicole M.
“After shopping quite a bit for an expert to help me optimize my website, I chose Lauren Taylor Baker at Wilshire Lenox.  In our very initial phone call, Lauren shared a great deal of very helpful information and was incredibly forthcoming about so many aspects of her expertise.  Lauren has very strong positive energy that comes through in all of her interactions, and which I greatly appreciated.  She was also incredibly transparent with me regarding aspects of SEO that I did not understand, and which no one else had explained to me. While I did pay more than I initially thought I would, in the end I got a great value for my money, and plan to continue using Lauren for other work.” – Melissa O.
“Lauren is a creative genius and a brilliant thinker and creator of novel ways to convert site traffic to sales.  She is a genius at understanding exactly what goes on in the brain of shoppers and the internet space and how to make that shopping experience not only more convenient and user-friendly but downright exhilarating.  I see very big things in her future.” – David P.
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